Premium tabacco
from Poland

High standards of supply and service with many years of unfailing activity in the business.


In our regular sale, we have whole raw Virginia and Burley tobacco leaves (CN 2401) which come exclusively from this year's Polish harvest.


Virginia leaves are often called as  'bright tobacco' because of the golden-yellow to deep-orange color which reaches during curing. Flue-cured leaf is characterized by a high sugar and low nicotine content. Polish varieties of Virginia leaves are recognized worldwide by the largest global tobacco companies due to their excellent quality and parameters.Premium grade leaves are ideal for shisha production. The remaining ones are an irreplacable component in the production of cigarettes.We offer quality classes from the first to the sixth..


Burley tobacco is a light air-cured tobacco. As a result of air-cured process, Â the tobacco turns to be intensively brown. Â Cured burley leaf is characterized by low sugar content and relatively high level of nicotine. The leaves are slightly larger than flue-cured and the plants are generally taller. A typical plant is topped at 20-30 leaves.In the drying process, this variety loses most of its natural sugars, while maintaining a very intense flavor and aroma.This product is used primarily in the production of cigars and is also an important component of many cigarette mixtures.In this type of tobacco, we offer quality classes from the first to the fourth.